Each COMROD antenna is tested 100% electrically before shipping. With so much relying on our antennas, nothing can be left to chance. That is why Comrod antennas withstand 125 mph (55 m/sec.) winds and have a high life time expectancy of at least 20 years. Our commitment to quality has made COMROD the #1 antenna for the World’s commercial fleet over 300 GRT. There is no reason why the same should not happen with the professional fleet under 300 GRT. COMROD antennas are made with relentless attention to detail, thus ensuring optimum performance and reliability year after year under even the most extreme conditions. COMROD’s antenna conductors are completely enclosed in polyurethane foam which fixes them firmly thus preventing breakage due to vibration. This polyurethane foam also eliminates condensation that keeps the conductor corrosion free – for life. The polished surface of the outer tube is covered by a flexible UV resistant polyurethane lacquer for strength and durability. COMROD antennas come complete with mounts and accessories.